Winnie, Texas is an oasis between the metropolitan areas of Houston, Galveston, and Beaumont/Pt. Arthur.  As you drive beyond the towering skylines of Houston or the refinery specked horizons of the Golden Triangle, Winnie rises from the horizon amidst rice fields and cattle.  The un-incorporated town, with a population of roughly 5,000, has thrived over the past few years because of a combination of factors including a neighborly atmosphere and central location. Winnie is at the intersection of State Highways 124, 73, and Interstate 10, making the town an ideal location for industrial and business development, with easy access for distribution to many cities.  Travelers to Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula often stop in Winnie on their way to the beach.  Only 15 minutes from the coast, Winnie is a perfect overnight retreat with lodging and camping facilities available and a variety of restaurants to choose from.

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